Dual Drinks Water Bottle, Portable Leak Proof Straw Cup


  • Blue cup with multiple liquids; 2 compartments that can hold 2 different kinds of liquids; Made from durable acrylic, with a hygienic and easy to clean design; Featuring 2 straws, will ensure that drinks can be enjoyed by both children at once
  • Twist off lids; has a compatible locking leakproof lid, gasket seal, and an easy grip handle; Double straw bottle features a spill proof top; Nonslip base ensures safe and easy drinking; Keep kids hydrated without the spills wherever they go
  • Ditch the disposable plastic cups and bottles in favor of our double straw bottles; Bottle is perfect for sharing with your kids, or twins who cannot seem to grasp the concept of having one drink each; Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight and shatterproof; Whether it’s for a picnic or school this BPA safe split bottle is the perfect go to designed to be a drinkware companion for all; Great for picnics, sporting events, road trips, and kids parties
  • Safe, portable, and durable; Dual shaker bottle is BPA safe and a perfect alternative to stainless steel; Dishwasher safe; Disassemble for easy cleaning; Holds 8-oz of liquids on each side; Size 7.5- by 3.75-inch (19.1- by 9-cm)

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Warm, refreshing drinks in style with our dual straw bottle!

This two-in-one leak-proof Shaker Bottle has 2 detachable straws with it for easy drinking. Keep kids hydrated without spills wherever they go.

A leakproof lid makes it easy to drink on the run. Plus, it is BPA safe, meaning it does not leach chemicals like BPA and it’s also odor safe. It’s also great for bigger kids who want to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. When it’s time for an after-school snack or kids get thirsty before bed, just flip the lid and take a happy sip.


✔️ Non-toxic

✔️ Environment-friendly

✔️ Leak-proof lid designed to lock will keep germs out

✔️ Silicone strap

✔️ Gasket seal

✔️ Acrylic body and plastic lid.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dishwasher safe. MEASUREMENT: 7.5- by 3.75-inch (19.1- by 9.5-cm)

Playful and functional, it’s a solid choice for everyone!


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