Rice Container Storage with Pour Spout and Measuring Cup EXULTIMATE


  • Rice container storage that is ideal for storing rice, oats, and other dry goods; Featuring a 2 seal gasket and 3 seal buckles, this container is great for storing your dry food and keeping the contents fresher for longer
  • Store and transport food with ease using this airtight rice container; Snap lid with its tight seal keeps out moisture and prevents spills, made of premium plastic materials, designed to withstand daily use; With a secure measuring cup lid and pour spout, you can easily store and use
  • Clear plastic container designed to store grains, beans, and rice safely and securely; Comes with a measuring cup and pour spout; Measuring cup allows you to easily measure out the correct amount of food from the container, and the pour spout allows you for easy spill proof pouring
  • Constructed by quality plastic to keep air out and keep food fresher, longer; Lightweight snack storage containers design provides convenience, allowing you to easily store it away in your cupboard or pantry when not in use
  • Rice plastic container is designed for packaging any kind of food products, like super noodles, pasta, preserved food products, and more; Made from BPA safe materials allows you to store dry goods safely for long periods; Measures 6.1- by 3.7- by 11.6-inches

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This rice container storage is great for storing your dry food and keeping the contents fresher for longer. This storage container has a translucent finish so you can easily check how much you have left, and it features a secure lid that won’t open accidentally. This rice storage container is designed with a measuring cup and pour-spout, making it ideal for both rice and other dry food storage – your food will always be kept safe and fresh. It features an airtight seal to keep the lid securely closed. Made from durable BPA safe plastic it is refrigerator, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe. The capacity is 2kg and the dimensions are 6.1- by 3.7- by 11.6-inches (22.9 by 22.9 by 12.1 cm)

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