Reusable Ziplock Freezer Sandwich Bags Resealable Zip Lock Lunch Bag Silicone Ziploc Snack Airtight Food Storage Leak Proof EXULTIMATE


  • Made to hold up under daily use; This reusable food storage bags is made of PEVA material so it is non chlorinated, odorless, and biodegradable.; It is very durable and easy to clean; Perfect for farmers market or grocery shopping reusable food bags, keep fruits and veggies from bruising
  • Reusable food storage bags come in three sizes: small, medium, and large; Designed for food storage, and ideal for transporting condiments, sandwiches, cold drinks, soups, fruits, vegetables, noodles, candy bars, and much more
  • Vacuum seal-able, leak-proof, and airtight reusable freezer bags to preserve the freshness of bread, pastries, cheese, produce, or any perishable item you want to enjoy later; Also great for transporting chopped ingredients from the supermarket to your home
  • Thaw and store food or wrap sandwiches to take out or use for any meal preparation; These reusable bags for food reduce your reliance on disposable materials; Reusable eco friendly alternative to plastic sandwich bags
  • Keep your food fresh and organized with this airtight food storage and easy to wash, reusable storage bags for food; Food safe, BPA free, and Lead Free; These reusable food storage bags measures 10- by 7.25- inch large turquoise, 8- by 5.75- inch medium blue, 6.25- by 4.25- inch small orange; Hand-wash only

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The Exultimate PEVA reusable food storage bag is the perfect reusable alternative to throwaway plastic bags. Food-grade PEVA material. They are reusable and washable which makes them more environmentally friendly than plastic baggies. These bags are a great replacement for ziplock baggies, sandwich baggies, snack baggies, you name it! These storage containers do it all. They are perfect for organizing your life and helping the environment as well. Constructed lightweight and easy to carry. It is durable enough for heavy-duty use while soft enough to fold up and put away when not in use. Perfect for groceries (buy fruits & vegetables that you might not find in the local supermarkets), beach items, camping supplies, laundry, pet food, picnic supplies, car emergency kit, etc… Great item to buy for yourself or as a gift! Warnings: They are not intended for use in the microwave, sous vide, or high heat. Make sure all hot foods have cooled before storing. Care Instructions: Hand-wash only. What’s included in the package? Large turquoise: 10- by 7.25- inch, medium blue 8- by 5.75- inch, small orange 6.25- by 4.25- inch

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