Vented Collapsible Microwave Splatter Plate Food Cover (Red)


  • Heat food thoroughly without splatters; Splatter guard and heat resistant shield dome designed for our collapsible microwave cover for food will free your fingers from burns; Protect your microwave from splashes and spills; Built in vents allow for excess steam to safely release
  • Collapsible to store along with the microwave food cover it is super easy to clean with some soap and warm water, or top rack in dishwasher; Collapsible making it easy to store and save more space in your microwave or drawer
  • Convenient design our collapsible microwave cover keeps your food moist and fresh; Built with vent holes on top that allows steam to release evenly, preventing interior condensation; Designed with finger grips on top so you can easily lift the cover, the handle stays cool instantly after use
  • Super easy to grip; Microwave food cover splatter is designed with finger grips on top; Easily lift the cover while handle stays cool instantly after use
  • Made with Food grade, BPA Safe plastic and Silicone to ensure your food dishes are safe; Keeping you and your family safe; Overall measurement: 10.5- by 3- inch (26.7- by 7.6- cm)

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Reheating healthy food in your microwave is easy with our Collapsible Microwave Splatter Cover. Our Microwave Plate Cover is designed with a steam release vent. Keeping your microwave clean and your food perfectly heated while retaining all the nutrients and flavors in the food. And a Transparent side that can be used expanded or flat. Covering your bowl or plate. Forming a steam-confined cooking chamber.

✔️ Vent holes for steam to escape
✔️ Collapsible for Easy Storing
✔️ Spatter-Less Heating or Cooking
✔️ Easy to Grip Silicone Cover
✔️ BPA-safe, food-safe
✔️ Top-rack dishwasher safe
✔️ Refrigerator or freezer safe

Materials: Plastic and Silicone
Measurement of the Product when Expanded: 10.5 in x 3 in ( 26.7 cm x 7.6 cm )
Measurement of the Product when Flat: 10.5 in x 1 in ( 26.7 cm x 2.5 cm )


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