Airtight Reusable Food Designer Storage Bags for Kids, Small and Large, 40 count


  • Reusable snack bags for kids comes in a set of 20 small sizes and a set of 20 large sizes and comes in 4 different designs; Sandwich bags for kids are resealable and also soft and flexible with a medium strength seal
  • Sandwich bags that seal in freshness; Reusable, easy to open, squeezable, sandwich bag designed for effortless use, equally satisfying for both left or right handed users, for any age group
  • Seals around the edge of this reusable bag, will not allow any air or oxygen into it, keeping the bread or any foods fresher longer; Designed with space where you can leave or write a note
  • Our resealable sandwich bags are in small and large sizes, which means they hold more cookies and snacks or larger sandwiches; Ideal for putting in your backpack or purse for on the go snacking without any hassle
  • Extra wide opening of the reusable bags makes it easy to clean and fill; It is BPA Safe and Food Safe plastic keeping you and your family safe; Large bag measures 7- by 6.5- inch and Small bags measures 6.5- by 4.5- inch

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Whether your lunch break is at the office or in the park, Reusable Sandwich Bags makes it easy to carry lunch with you and take care of business.
Its strong, leak-proof seal and durable design make it great for everyday use. This sandwich bag gives you the convenience of a zipper without the worries of getting stuck. The seal creates a tight barrier to keep moisture and odors in or out depending on what’s inside. Its resealable closure is ideal for packing snacks, taking to school, storing crafts, and more.

And we’re all about eliminating waste. That’s why we made reusable food pouches that can be resealed and reused.

Product Features:
✔️ Reusable & Food Safe Material
✔️ Dishwasher Safe
✔️ Leak-proof & Easy to Seal
✔️ Easy to Open
✔️ Keep Moisture And Odors In Or Out
✔️ Eco-friendly

What’s in the Package:
✔️ 20 large bags
✔️ 20 Small bags
✔️ 4 different designs

Material: Plastic

Large bag size: 7″ x 6.5″ (17.8 cm by 16.5 cm)
Small bag size: 6.5″ x 4.5″ (16.5 cm by11.4 cm)


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