Meat Chopper, 5 Star Blades Ground Meat Masher, Multifunctional and Heat Resistant, (Black)


  • Meat chopper utensil made from BPA safe nylon plastic has 5 blades and is designed to chop and stir meat ingredients
  • Safe for use on nonstick cookware; Get the job done quickly with this ground beef chopper tool that won’t scratch your nonstick cookware; Easiest way to mash meats with a breeze
  • Quick and easy way to chop and mash; A ground meat masher that is very durable for long time use; Lightweight and easy to operate; A convenient and efficient way to chop meat for burgers or sausages; Trouble free way to mash a variety of ingredients
  • Nonslip ergonomic handle; This ground meat chopper provides comfort for extended use; Designed with a curve for your thumb to rest on; Breaks foods into small pieces with ease
  • Safe and efficient material; Heat resistant head up to 400°F is versatile and durable material; Dishwasher safe; Measures 10- by 3-inch (25.4- by 7.6-cm)

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Are you looking for a Meat Chopper that wouldn’t scratch your non-stick pans?

The Exultimate Meat Chopper is the perfect solution!

The 5-star blades make chopping easy, and the nylon plastic body won’t warp or crack as it comes in contact with a hot surface. Cook tasty meals easily with this manual meat chopper by simply using your hand. This meat chopper possesses a durable, lightweight design that guarantees longevity!
An easy way to cut or separate ground meat. Unbelievably better than hacking away with the cooking spoon.
This will be your go-to when cooking! Makes cooking and breaking down meat easy.

Product Features:
✔️ Sturdy and good quality
✔️ Safe For Use On Non-stick Cookware
✔️ Heat resistant head up to 400°F
✔️ Lightweight and easy to operate
✔️ Non-slip Ergonomic Handle
✔️ Safe Material
✔️ BPA Free
✔️ Dishwasher safe

Measurement: 10-inch by 3- inch (25.4-cm by 7.6- cm)

Material: Nylon plastic
Warnings: Excessively high temperatures can cause warping or distortion


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