Insulated Lunch Box and Cooler Bag, Reusable Polyester Fabric Tote Bag with Wide Opening Compartment, (Colorful Zebra Pattern)


  • DURABLE AND STURDY: Made with an upgraded high density cloth inside making this insulated lunch box and cooler bag wear resistant, durable, and sturdy; Designed with reinforced zippers to ensure maximum durability and easy glide opening; Perfect for picnic travel and working
  • KEEPS FOOD HOT AND COLD: Manufactured with insulating material to reach a great heat and cold preservation keeping food fresh on the go; Insulated lunch bag has a sturdy padded handle that won’t break, unlike the regular old paper bag that will rip when carrying
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF: Lunch bag insulated that could conveniently use for food, holding a bento box, snacks, or even makeup products; With polyester lining that eliminates leakage problems
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Created with Polyester liner adult lunch bag for easy cleaning; Simply use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe out stains or spills; Wide opening allows for easy loading and unloading; Perfect no waste, Eco Friendly replacement for disposable bags
  • SAFE FOR FOOD: BPA safe material; Wear resistant, waterproof, dirt proof, and leak resistant liner; Dimensions: 7- by 5.5- by 8- inch

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One thing’s for sure, packing lunch is no longer just for kids. This Insulated Lunch Box and Cooler Bag By Exultimate is not only for kids but also perfect for adults. This lunch tote bag is designed with quality insulation materials to protect your food and keep it safe from harmful bacteria growth by keeping it cold and warm. Fill with snacks, fruit, and treats for your children when running errands around town, to keep them happy! This functional, sleek, and trendy, Zebra lunch tote is perfect for enjoying meals on the go! An essential for safely bringing your lunch to the office, picnics, camping trips, shopping, and more. Features: ✔ Features an innovative full zippered ✔ Wide opening for easy access ✔ Reusable and food-safe ✔ Wear-resistant, Durable, and Sturdy ✔ Sturdy padded handle ✔ Insulation keeping your food fresh ✔ Waterproof aluminum lining Measurement: 7- by 5.5- by 8- inch (17.8- by 14- by 20.3- cm) Materials: Polyester liner inside Approvals: BPA Safe material Care Instructions: Easy to clean, Use damp cloth or sponge to wipe out stains or spills. Lay flat to dry.


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