Silicone Large Slotted Spatula, Flexible Wide Turner with Nylon Handle, (Red, Set of 2)


  • Premium high quality silicone spatula with broad spatula head and easy grip handle; Comfortable grip offers a secure hold while wide head provides ample space for flipping eggs, pancakes, fish, burgers, veggies, and more; Silicone blade withstands high temperatures and is safe for use of all types of pans
  • Preparing burgers or pancakes for breakfast or salmon and scallops for dinner, this set can take the place of several different tools; Designed with a long handle to keep hands away from heat, it’s more maneuverable than tongs
  • Sturdy and strong, the silicon turner for nonstick cookware is made with a non stick surface; Great all purpose spatula set for your kitchen, it works equally well at flipping pancakes, browning crumpets, and grilling sausages
  • Made from hygienic heat resistant nylon and silicone; Spatula set is rubber like that will not scratch or damage your nonstick cooking pots and pans; Will get the job done you want
  • Nonstick blades and flexible head that glides effortlessly using them with ease; Long lasting nonstick coating that is easy to clean; Comfortable grip handle; Measures 13.5- by 6- inch (34.3- by 15.2- cm); Top dishwasher safe; Food Safe and BPA Free

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Designed to take the abuse of a busy kitchen! This Exultimate Silicone Slotted Spatula and Turner Set are a must have. Not only is it super flexible so it can easily scoop up foods from those deep pots and pans, but the long handle allows you to flip those gigantic pancakes, eggs, fish, burgers, veggies, and more with ease without scratching your non-stick cookware. With a silicone edge for scraping every last bit out of the pan, as well as a soft anti slip handle. This slotted and turner spatula will be your new kitchen companion. A simple, durable, and very resilient kitchen tool. Materials are made from Hygienic silicone, flexible steel, and nylon. This can withstand up to 600°F high temperature. BPA Free, Food Safe. Measurement: 13.5- by 6- inch (34.3- by 15.2- cm).


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