Baby Suction Plates, Silicone Suction Plate With Lid, (Blue)


  • Helping your little ones learn how to self feed; We all know that they are very playful with their hands while eating; By using our baby suction plate, you can be confident that the plate will stay still as your baby learns how to eat and discover those exciting new milestones
  • Divided suction plate silicone; The divided baby plates with suction has good elasticity, good adhesion to the table, not easy to fall, and very easy to use; It is suitable for different types of fruits and food to prevent them from spilling over the sides
  • Highly functional plates for baby; Save space and keep your baby’s snacks and food on the table; Each plate features a suction to adhere securely to any flat surface for drip-less feeding
  • Very easy to clean; Just run it through the water and wash it without difficulty; Smooth surface keeping your little ones safe
  • Our toddler suction plates are made from food grade silicone and dishwasher safe; Measures 8.5- by 7.5- by 1.25- inch (21.6- by 19.05- by 5.08- cm)

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Ditch those plastic plates and cups that make mealtime more complicated than it needs to be.

No more worrying about how your baby is going to take the first step.

Baby Suction Plate use a suction cup to stay in place on any tabletop surface, and small tabs to divide mealtime into fun portions. The plate has a raised rim to keep food on the plate. Perfect for snack time, lunch, and dinner at home or on the go!

Product Features:
✔️ Made of food-grade silicone
✔️ Recyclable
✔️ Dishwasher Safe
✔️ Divided Sections

Measurement: 8.5-in by 7.5-in by 1.25- inch (21.6-cm by 19.05-cm by 5.08- cm)

How to Use: Stick down to table, the little tab on the bottom to release suction from the table


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